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Certified Sommelier

Claire Stein

With French-Italian roots (French mom, Italian dad), the culture of wine was always present in Claire’s upbringing. Traveling, discovering different cultures, people, and cuisines has always been part of her DNA as she grew up changing countries frequently, immersing herself in multilingual and multi-cultural environments. Claire lived for more than 10 years in Latin-America, in countries with a strong wine culture including Argentina and Chile. She then went back to France for her university studies and continued to travel in her free time, discovering different European wine regions. She has always enjoyed learning about history and trying different wines from different regions, exploring new styles and grapes, visiting wineries and hearing winemaker’s stories. Claire started her formal wine education journey in 2013 with the WSET program at l’École du Vin in Paris and continued in California after moving from Paris to Los Angeles in 2016 with her husband and son where she worked as a private client wine advisor for a Burgundy producer and her own clients. With the WSET 3 certification in 2017 and the French Wine Scholar Certification with the Wine Guild in 2019, Claire has put personal emphasis on continuing her education and aims to share her passion with you as she believes the best wine experiences are the ones shared! Claire and her family call Darien home.

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